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The Challenge

M6 Theatre Company deliver quality theatre experiences for children and young people, including youth theatre, national and schools touring and outreach.

Between 2016 and 2019, M6 toured Curriculum for Life; three interconnected live performances and facilitated workshops across secondary schools in the North West. The first in the trilogy, Clueless, is an incredibly powerful, single voice play exploring issues around emotional and mental health. It provides a valuable stimulus to provoke meaningful and important peer discussion around the issues raised.

On completion of the touring production, M6 challenged us to deliver a physical and digital resource that would bring the play to a wider audience and could be used by professionals working with young people nationwide.

M6 Clueless

M6 Clueless

M6 Clueless

Our Response

Working collaboratively with Double8 Moving Pictures, we filmed the intimate, emotionally charged, single voice play at our studio in Castleton Mill. We then developed the accompanying facilitators pack with a range of follow up activities designed to explore the issues raised within the drama. This provided professionals with an opportunity to signpost their young people to the pastoral support available within their own setting, as well as specialist mental health support services.

Following the successful delivery of Clueless, we went on to develop the resources for the second and third performances in the Curriculum for Life trilogy; Hench and Crossing the Line.

Read more about the project at m6clueless.co.uk


M6 Clueless

“This innovative multi-agency partnership project, made in Rochdale, keeps the authentic voices of local young people centre stage. We do well to listen and learn from them.”

Gail Hopper, Director of Children’s Services, RMBC